After seeing how this second art account goes, I have decided on maybe making drawings only for Newgrounds and not taking drawings off my DeviantArt account and put it on Newgrounds.

Soooo, I don't know if I should just make fan art parodies off of things on Newgrounds, or just draw some random badass stuff on here only for this. Well thats pretty much it for my post of this situation.

Well I better go back fighting mutated cyborg bears with chainsaws for hands while using a stick for a weapon.

Member of Newgrounds?

2009-06-21 23:53:00 by big-k-2011

Okay, I became a member of this site.
Weird, originally I was planning on uploading either flash movies or games; but since I can upload art I guess I can talk about things I have on my DeviantArt Page.

Big K: the series - a comic I am trying to introduce but didn't finish issue 1 yet.
Super Smash Bros Dum-Dumms - comic strips making fun of Nintendo SSB series and other games during each generations of video games
Fan Stuff - include comparing video games with comics and other stuff
Comments - always random, all the time.

Maybe with this site I would gain attention, maybe I can help out one of my friends on his flash sometimes.

Well. . . now what. Aw hell with it, cock jokes.
-Kyle "Big K" Hicks