Entry #1

Member of Newgrounds?

2009-06-21 23:53:00 by big-k-2011

Okay, I became a member of this site.
Weird, originally I was planning on uploading either flash movies or games; but since I can upload art I guess I can talk about things I have on my DeviantArt Page.

Big K: the series - a comic I am trying to introduce but didn't finish issue 1 yet.
Super Smash Bros Dum-Dumms - comic strips making fun of Nintendo SSB series and other games during each generations of video games
Fan Stuff - include comparing video games with comics and other stuff
Comments - always random, all the time.

Maybe with this site I would gain attention, maybe I can help out one of my friends on his flash sometimes.

Well. . . now what. Aw hell with it, cock jokes.
-Kyle "Big K" Hicks


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